“Can I tell you something personal”?

Being an perfectionist myself this blog is difficult to write but it feels important to share with you because I know that many Entrepreneurs are waiting until that moment when it’s “Perfect”

I learned this the hard way “It is never Perfect” meaning that one company that I started failed badly due to my perfectonism and I learned that it’s all about execution, “learning while doing” moving forward rather than trying to achieve perfection in the performance, I’m also still learning to move forward faster and to celebrate every step towards success, Until this aha moment which changed everything for me.


I changed my mindset from being “perfect” into how can I have ” impact“, what is the outcome, being prepared in advange.
What is your impact? what is your outcome? this needs to be clearly communicated to everyone on the team – be it the customer service person, the salesperson, the designers, even the cleaning person should be part of this.  

If you are able to get everyone involved and prepared concerning this impact, outcome, You are able to reach:

Strong communication (including non-verbal) amongst team members, 

Team members are being empowered to make decisions aligned with the overall impact and outcomes of your company.

Team members equipped with broad tools and techniques to act in the case of uncertainty – it ends up looking seamless to us because there’s no getting flustered nor anxiety from any team member if something doesn’t go to plan. We, the audience, simply don’t notice.
It comes across as perfect, but really it’s being prepared and impactful.
As an Co-founder of Impakt Tribe, working in the world of early-stage ventures and startups, I and the entrepreneurs we back face a lot of imperfection and uncertainty. The stages on which entrepreneurs dance are almost always new territory. We are investing in new territory.
So how do startup entrepreneurs manage to wow and impress and leave investors feeling excited about the investment opportunity? (like they have seen the best live performance of their lifetime)

To earn an investor’s admiration and respect requires a focus on preparedness (outcome) and impact, not perfection.
Don’t aim for perfection. Be clear on the impact you want to have or make and be prepared. That means having a cohesive way of dealing with uncertainty.
In a team, you need strong, clear communication and transparency. Each team member is empowered to achieve the shared goal of impact. Each team member takes responsibility for being prepared.
Be equipped and equip your team members with broad tools and techniques to make decisions and act when you encounter uncertainty.

Are you a perfectionist? need help to move forward? Please leave a comment down below in the comment box.

Your biggest fan,


Jeroen van der Heide Co-founder & Ecopreneur


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