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Impact Fundraising Mastery

Discover How To Get Your Company Financed

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join this unique event?

Is your company developing sustainable solutions that really improve lives or the condition of our planet?

80% of all sustainable initiatives fail because of a lack of funding. This is especially true for impact businesses in their startup phase.

We want to prevent this from happening to you. That’s why we would like to invite you to a new unique event:

Impact Fundraising Mastery

Discover How To Get Your Company Financed

Join us on this powerful 1-day training- and networking event for Impact Entrepreneurs. Learn how to successfully present your company to Impact Investors.

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That makes your decision to join now, the smartest investment decision you can make.

What will

YOU get out of this unique event?

A quick reminder of what you’ll get during Impact Fundraising Mastery:

  • 5 Fundraising Secrets that will open up a world of possibilities to get Funding
  • Access our network of more than 700 impact investors
  • The best way to build your investor deck to maximize your chances of success to receive Funding
  • Exercises to build your confidence and capacity as an entrepreneur
  • A chance to meet many like minded entrepreneurs and Impact Investors

You will learn everything you need to know about the fundraising process.

You will also receive our vital Impact Investor Checklist (for participants only) to prevent you from mistakes that make you look like an amateur to investors.

And you will be happy to hear that trend watcher and futurist Richard van Hooijdonk is a special speaker at this event. Richard will take you on a journey into the future and how important the role of Impact companies YOU are to make that change.



Jeroen van der Heide

Jeroen van der Heide

Co-Founder, and creator of Impakt Tribe, Jeroen van der Heide offers accelerated learning trainings and workshops on how your impact company becomes impact investor-ready, do good business and become a force of good. Van der Heide is also a Mentor at different Impact Accelerators in the Netherlands and abroad.

Just say


Do you have an amazing product or service?
Should future impact investors trust you(r company) to deliver sustainable results?

If you say YES, your investment to join Impact Fundraising Mastery Event will be by far the smartest investment decision you can make today.


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